Arlen Specter Kicks a Little Somethin' For the G's

ginjuice.jpgWe here at Wonkette have no aim in life other than to educate you. So when we received a note from a confused reader asking us to explain a bit of Colloquial Congressional-speak, we sprung into action. The quote in question comes from today's Post piece on the Gonzales hearings:

When Gonzales argues that the Constitution gives the president undisputable powers to conduct warrantless surveillance despite a statute aimed at requiring him to seek court approval, such an interpretation "is not sound," Specter said in the interview. ". . . He's smoking Dutch Cleanser."

We can think of two possible explanations:

  • The Post misheard Specter. Specter, representing a state that leans a bit left of the Republican Party Line, has to tread a fine line, establishing both his Conservative Bona Fides and his Man-of-the-People street cred. In a coded message to the less refined elements of his constituency, Arlen has used a bit of "street slang" that was lost on reporter Charles Babington. Our sources in Congress speculate that he may have, in fact, accused the Attorney General of "smoking Dutch endo," which would, due to its country of origin, be understandably stronger than domestic endo.

  • Arlen Specter is 100 years old.

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