Arlen Specter Maybe Not So Much Of A Loser After All


Arlen Specter is such a loser he would do anything to win, such as RADICALLY shifting his positions from those of a liberal Republican to a conservative Democrat! Just so that he could stay a senator, which offers zero perks except thesecret underground supertrain! For a while it looked like he was going to get slaughtered at the polls by perennial enemy Pat Toomey, but now maybe not so much, because of Polling Science.


Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter is leading former Republican Rep.Pat Toomey 47 percent to 41 percent with 12 percent undecided, according to a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll conducted March 8-10. The margin of error is 4 points.

OK, so, "to be fair," the poll was by your liberal Daily Kos, and it is statistically possible that actually Specter's at 43 percent and Tooomey's at 44 percent, which would be truly wicked of Fate to pull off.

But still! Arlen Specter!

Specter Leading Toomey in Pennsylvania Senate Race [Politics Daily]


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