Armed Redneck Lady Threatens Danish Journalist Outside Bush's Ranch

President George W. Bush continued to waste his last year in office Saturday, as he hosted a reception for Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen at his Crawford ranch. As they were eating lunch and discussing the... tense?... relations between Denmark and the United States, some batshit redneck lady was threatening to shoot Danish journalists for trespassing across the street. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was not harmed in the incident.

CNN White House Correspondent Ed Henry described the scene as "easily the strangest incident I've ever witnessed covering the White House." It was so strange that he arbitrarily reported it in first-person:

The two leaders were having lunch on the ranch, so I was waiting at a nearby historic one-room schoolhouse with White House staff to interview Rasmussen after the meal. Then the prime minister was going to do a brief press conference with the Danish press corps.

Terkel Svensson, a writer for the Danish News Agency, could not get wireless Internet access at the schoolhouse to file a story. But Svensson could get his cell phone working so he called his editor in

Copenhagen and started wandering across a quiet country road as he chatted away.

I was contemplating the schoolhouse's architecture -- neo-Victorian? Georgian? Something else entirely, it would seem -- and savoring my tuna fish sandwich. Did you know I gained five pounds in the last week? Chalk it up to Beatrix, the delightful Air Force One chef. Oh yes yes! That Danish fairy and his cell phone:

What Svensson didn't realize was that he had stopped walking a couple hundred feet away, on the front lawn of an elderly woman. An elderly woman who looked through her window and didn't like that a strange man was standing outside her house. An elderly woman who had, um, a gun. ... As word spread that the lady had a gun - which she did not use - I can tell you it's a severe understatement to say White House and Secret Service officials were a bit concerned about the fact that they had just dodged an international incident.

I can tell you that I thought it was pretty bad for me when I had to go and see this incident first-hand that I saw while I was covering George W. Bush, which is my job that I do for my salary I earn. Kinda had to be there.

Gun incident near President Bush's ranch [CNN]


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