Arnold & Porter: Good News, Bad News

We hear it's all better now over at A&P. Yay! The lawyers can leave the building and they won't miss "Friends"!

On the other hand, competing claims on the "blistering agent":

Pessimist: "It could be very, very nasty. Not just little skin blisters, but large chunks of skin coming off, the lining of the mouth, eyes, lungs, etc. Mustard gas and Lewisite were popular blistering agents (aka "vesicants") in WW I."


Optimist (sort of): "My bet (as an EMT that’s really scared of the lack of NBC [Is this about "Friends" again?] training that even professional first responders receive) is laundry powder.  Really.  Some of the cheap ones are phosphorous based.  Flush with plenty of water.  Watch for minor chemical irritations.  Go home."

The WP will be all over this tomorrow, we're sure.


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