Art Horror, Abe Lincoln and Hell

Art Horror, Abe Lincoln and Hell
  • The Accident is basically the plot of horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer, except instead of teen heartthrobs Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt, you have two old Jewish couples. The victim is Chinese, and the couples wonder whether it's even worth it to tell the police or not. Yeah, it's kind of messed up. At the DCJCC Theater, showtimes vary. Until Mar. 8. [DCJCC]

  • Abraham Lincoln was a very controversial man -- some people thought he only ended slavery because of the Civil War and that maybe he was gay because he let men sleep in his bed. But he did do some good things, and The Heavens Are Hung in Black captures Lincoln's behind-the-scenes personal life. At the Ford Theater, showtimes vary. Until March 8. [Ford's]
  • Hell Meets Henry Halfway is an existential play about a dying prince and the romance between an unhappy woman and a tennis instructor, against the backdrop of a Polish castle. Somehow, this all comes together into a unified plot. At the Woolly Mammoth Theater, showtimes vary. Until March 1. [Woolly Mammoth]
  • Sunday, Feb. 22: A girl is born in Sierra Leone, moves to Europe and becomes a European, gets kidnapped and sent back to Sierra Leone, then is forced to get circumcised. Jeezus. The Secret Pain is the story of her plight. 8PM at Busboys and Poets. [Busboys and Poets]
  • Monday, Feb. 23: Tonight, the Goethe-Institut is making ballsy moves by not screening a hip independent foreign film, but a made-for-German TV movie, Cuba Libre. Three people who are "caught in a web of manipulation and deceit" from the lottery decide to run away to Cuba, but of course all their plans go awry. [Goethe-Institut]

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