Ashline, Ashline, Ashline

Many thanks to the many Wonketteers who sent the Google cache/Wayback machine archive of non-prostitute Farrah Ashline's anti-Domino's rant. Why didn't we think of this ourselves? The usual excuses apply: drunk, tired, angry about not being able to post for three fucking days. The rant itself is a fine example of Ashline's own crystal-like reasoning:

    I felt a crunching between my teeth, and put my pizza slice down. It was then that I discovered that Dominos had taken out half of my front tooth! Fearful that I had just swallowed glass or a foreign object, I contacted the manager of Dominos and my Dr and scheduled an immediate appointment. I had immediate dental surgery done to help repair the tooth, but Dominio's relief was much less evident. I was directed to call the Domino's "headquarters" and upon doing so, I had the hardest time reaching anyone. When I DID get someone, I was told that I would have to wait for someone in their insurance department to call me back. Four days later, THAT person told me he was taking down a report but would "let me know" whether they'd be willing to reimburse me for my dental costs. For the REST of my life, I will never be able to eat an apple, corn on the cobb, or candy.

We had a joke worked out for this days ago. Ready for it? OK. . . . Those former employees worried about Ashline's threats of legal action should take heart: Her bark is definitely much worse than her bite.

There! Sooooo worth the wait, no? We have loads more Farrah news, too. Stay tuned!

SAY NO TO DOMINOS [ via Wayback Machine]


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