Asia's Vision of Sarah Palin: 14-Year-Old Dopehead Stripper


[youtube expand=1]

It's helpful to see how other cultures view our various demagogues and national clowns, because one day we might wind up somewhere in Asia, and then we'll need to remember this YouTube video -- apparently the official evening news -- and then we will just change the subject, or sing "More Than This" at Karaoke.

Notice how the computer animation artists represent 46-year-old shouty grandma Sarah Palin as a taut and leggy 14-year-old mud wrestler and professional stripper who spends most of her time getting wasted with "Todd" on the porch swing while her hundred children shoot guns and poop babies in the yard. UPDATE: Everybody claimed this was from Japan, but it isn't? We obviously can't read Japanese, or Taiwanese. [YouTube via the dozen weirdos who sent this to Wonkette on a nice Saturday evening]


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