Ask Senator Brownback

Because this Information Age is all about empowering the common man, Yahoo and Judy Woodruff are offering you, presumably the commonest of men, an opportunity to ask Senator Brownback any question you like. Your chances of getting him to answer you are slim, but there you go. It's your right as a citizen to leave a comment on a blog we've never heard of. The questions start off innocent enough ("make all the immigrants go away please," "are you against baby-killing?" etc.), and then quickly get wacky:

Why not fight the terrorists in Canada? They have free health care for the injured and more oil, too. Since Bush got the terrorists to go to Iraq, he could easily get them to go to Canada. It's much nicer and the fishing is the best. Our soldiers could come home every other weekend. I know all about war, if I would ever have gotten around to signing up for the draft, I would have probably went to Nam. But I watched a lot of it on TV. Mike

Then crazy:

do you agree with electronic implant devices in steven martin owens ear by secret service agents,and revenge killings against police for this action?

There's another 650 comments worth of material. God bless citizen media.

Talk to Sen. Brownback [Yahoo]


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