Ask Wonkette: Editorial Boundaries

The Nation's story on Bush administration official David Hager's non-consensual (and frequent) sodomizing of his wife had readers wondering:

Do you think you can take credit for the Nation's new editorial direction? I'd like to think that Wonkette is responsible for the entry of ass-fucking into political discourse but maybe we should give Ann Coulter some props, too.
First of all, we love Ann, who by refusing to answer the question "How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but fuck his wife up the ass?" provided plenty of, well, wiggle-room for fellow family-values fan Hager and his "traditional" marriage.

We're not sure if we can take claim we're the ones to have led The Nation down that, er, alley, but we are very pleased to have them join us on it. It's still our road. 'Cause, you know, us and ass-fucking? It's like David Sanger and North Korea: You can write whatever stories you want, but only we have Condi's number.

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