Ask Wonkette: ETA?

We've been getting a lot of questions a long these lines:

Just before I run off to a three martini lunch, I need to clarify --  Ms. Wonkette is gone for good?  Ms. Wonkette will be coming back?  Ms. Wonkette will be visiting from time to time? 
First of all: We sincerely hope that the absence of clarity on this question did not interrupt or deter you from drinking. As for your questions:

1. Ms. Wonkette is not gone for good.

2. She will be coming back in about a month.

3. She is visiting right now and plans to be more conscientious about that in the near future. (We heard Carlos Watson say something "podcasting" which sounds like lots of fun. And we totally heard it from him first!)

Ms. Wonkette also talks about herself in the third person after her third martini and we all wish you very well on making it to the fourth. Wait, who said that? Bartender, another round for me and my friend here...

See if our double vision has kicked in yet; inquiries to .


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