Ask Wonkette: Thoughtful Question Edition

Wonkette occasionally answers questions. Send yours to: . Being on Imus gets us the best mail, though we're not sure it's actually a question....

Does Ana Marie Cox actually have a brain.

It is so sad hearing this bimbo trying to nose up to Imus, with the only value she thinks she is adding is talking gutteral slime about the lower side of humanity.

Get a life - this gal is a slug, and a pathetic parasite to talking about the grime in life.

Ana, why don't you put your efforts into something more productive in your life - like helping kids for a living.

Steve B------

First of all: I do have a brain. It's very helpful for producing "gutteral slime" and making my fingers move across keyboard. I am, however, slowly destroying it with alcohol. But don't worry: my liver will go first. Second: I do help kids. Their names are Barb and Jenna.

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