Aspiring Terrorists Still Falling Short Of The Mark

  • Well, America, here is the face of terrorism: a quartet of dunderheads, sold fake bombs, who allegedly planned to blow up a couple synagogues because the World Trade Center had already been bombed and this was obviously the next best thing. [New York Times]
  • Ahmed Ghailani, a Guantanamo prisoner and al Qaeda suspect, will be tried in the US for helping with the African embassy bombings in 1998. So far, none of his terrorist cronies have tried to break him out of prison. [Reuters]
  • Cheney's favorable ratings have risen 8 percent since he left office, while former President Bush's have risen 6 percent. Voters just like these guys better and better the further they get from actual power. [CNN]
  • The financial markets have begun to thaw even though President Obama's socialist reforms have yet to take effect. [Washington Post]
  • Ten people in the United States have now died of the swine flu. [AP]
  • President Obama will give a speech today explaining what the hell he's doing, vis-a-vis the whole terrorism-detainee hubub, but according to early news reports this will be less of a "how I plan to close Guantanamo in the next 8 months" speech and more of a "my intellectual and emotional struggles over this complicated issue" speech. YES WE WILL LIVEBLOG IT. [Wall Street Journal]

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