Assassination Attempt Inspires Cheney's First Near-Smile in Years

Vice President Dick Cheney was hangin' with Mr. Karzai at the Bagram military base this morning when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the gate. Cheney was unhurt, because he always travels with dozens of layers of human shields, but the experience clearly shook him -- he hasn't looked this pleased with himself since he shot that lawyer.

This failed assassination attempt will, of course, just fuel the rumors that Cheney's immortal, either due to be being an android of some kind or from having sold his soul to Peter Fonda.

The trip to meet with Karzai had been "shrouded in unusual secrecy." Some of the few people that knew about it were the journalists traveling across the world with VPOTUS on Air Force 2, so the attacker was obviously clued in to Cheney's location by the Chicago Tribune's Mark Silva, still smarting over being told he wasn't allowed to watch Idiocracy on the plane.

Cheney Unhurt After Bombing in Afghanistan [NYT]


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