Assemblyman Pulled Over With Gal Passed Out In Back Seat

In happier times, when he was only weathering his second rape accusationSome guys just can't catch a break. Within the space of four years, New York Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV gets accused of rape -- twice -- and he's pulled over for drunk driving just because his car is weaving in and out of traffic at 2:30 in the morning. This unfortunate string of events may leave some members of the public with the mistaken impression that this guy is a loser.

Assemblyman Powell's father, the Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Jr., served many many years in the House of Representatives and named pretty much everyone in his family after himself. Now it appears the dynasty has taken a turn for the lame with this latest jackass driving around with ladies passed out in the back seat.

Powell contends he is innocent, and told as much to reporters yesterday before being driven away by his lawyer. Just a few fun facts about the night of his arrest:

  • Blew a .07, just under the legal limit of .08, but that was only "a half-breath, not enough to provide an accurate reading."
  • Had trouble standing on one leg.
  • Told police, "I can't be drunk because I've eaten something."

On the positive side, he was at least dressed in men's clothes.

Assemblyman Faces a Charge of Drunken Driving [New York Times]


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