Assistant Deputy Under Secretary Of Dumbness

  • One year into his presidency, why has President Obama proven to be such a terrible disappointment to the nation? Because, for starters, he lacks a deputy under secretary for benefits at the VA, as well as an under secretary for food safety. [AP]
  • Sarah Palin made her debut as the nation's most prestigious journalist last night, telling her new Fox News colleague Bill O'Reilly that Steve Schmidt was just floating "gossipy anonymous accusations" when he called her a dumb-dumb. [USA Today]
  • An al Qaeda leader in Yemen has been killed. His name: Abdullah al-Mehdarhad, also spelled al-Mihdar, and commonly pronounced as "Nick Lachey." [CNN]
  • According to certain black Americans, Barack Obama's election really did cure racism. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said that anybody can run for the Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand, including a certain new arrival from Tennessee who used to not care so much for abortions and gays, but now likes them both on account of living in the gay abortion of Manhattan for three years. [New York Post]
  • President Obama plans to bleed $120 billion out of TARP-assisted banks and let Republicans try to defend the bankers. [BusinessWeek]

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