At Bizarro Fundraising Event, Hillary Gets The Laughs While Obama Bores

Down is up, up is down, and two plus two is five. In other news, Hillary Clinton had people rolling on the floor of the Hilton ballroom in New York City as she gave a brief, entertaining speech, while Barack Obama gave a "more sedate and lengthy" address full of boring policy crap. Oh God oh God oh God the world has gone MAD, those 18 million voters were right after all and Barack Obama isNixon in a pantsuit.

Other shocking news:

  • Clinton looked rested and happy, while Obama looked tired.
  • Clinton did a funny little imitation of George Bush's dumb Texas accent.
  • Even the Observer, hardly the most pro-Clinton news source, said her speech "easily outshined the one Obama gave after her" and that she was "humorous and passionate."

SOMEBODY TELL THE SUPERDELEGATES. It's not too late! Denver! Denver!

At Morning Obama Fund-Raiser, Clinton Is the Star Attraction [Observer]


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