At Least It Has Mt. Rushmore? Oh Wait, That's The South One


  • The FBI invaded a dorm party thrown by the college sophomore who "hacked" Palin's email, but he escaped, and is probably hiding out in the bedroom of any girl who watched him outrun the Feds. [Fresh Intelligence]
  • Obama is stockpiling all America's guns for himself, forcing this poor Bitter to go into the woods and find Obama and shoot him with the last remaining deer rifle. [Ben Smith]
  • Use this Internet website to convince the government to buy all your dumb shit when you eventually move to the Dominican Republic, to live in Charlie Rangel's illegal pleasure villa. [Matthew Yglesias]
  • In the grand tradition of all people to have visited North Dakota, Obama has decided to get the hell out of there. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Looks like McCain's plan to postpone all the Trooper-Gate business until after the election worked. This will be accomplished by hiding Palin from some tuff-guy named "Branchflower" until January.  [TPMMuckraker]

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