At the Movies with Mr. Tight Hole Operations

jeff gannon headshot.jpgThis Sunday night brings us Hollywood's big mutual masturbation festival, better known as the Academy Awards. In advance of Oscar night, conservative pundits are going through the motions of railing against clueless and/or evil Hollywood liberals. Ann Coulter has done it; and now it's time for Jeff Gannon to say his piece.

After the jump, our fisking -- yes, with a "k" -- of Gannon's column.

After observing that two of the five Best Picture nominees have gay themes, Gannon writes:

A substantial number of Americans, particularly in the heartland, perceive Hollywood to be a threat to cultural norms. Who can blame them? "Capote" is a film about one of the most flamboyant, effeminate homosexuals of the 20th century."

Okay, so Jeff doesn't like 'em queeny. Got that?

Then Gannon turns to subjects that he knows a lot about: anal intercourse and "cross[ing] the line":

But a movie about gay cowboys is the straw that "Broke-the-camel

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