Atlanta Paultards Attack Giuliani, Suck More

paultard nuking commences in 5Rudy Giuliani made a campaign stop in Atlanta today, a peculiar move considering Atlanta isn't in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina. On his way to see some old guy's rocking chair store, Giuliani's equally old supporters were ambushed by a "younger crowd" of Paultards. The crowd interrupted Giuliani's remarks with a mix of "RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!" and "FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!" shouts, and an awkward verbal melee ensued.

It turns out old Southern pseudo-racist Giuliani supporters were taken aback by the sudden onslaught of these CGI-based vermin and their inability to formulate cogent responses:

"You're being very inconsiderate," an elderly woman, aghast at the lack of Southern manners, told three young female Paul acolytes.

"You're not helping your candidate with this," a middle-aged man told a 20-something man toting a blue-and-white Paul campaign sign.

"This is a Republican rally," a testy older man snapped, apparently forgetting that Paul, a physician and Libertarian by philosophy, is an elected Republican and running in the GOP primary for president.

His supporters simply answered, "RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!" (emphasis ours)

The Paultards' intellectual prowess was just as mighty among individuals as it was in group chant form:

But a Paul supporter, Craig Hatcher, a 33-year-old Navy veteran who lives in Powder Springs, said of Giuliani, "I wouldn't necessarily say he is a liberal. I'd say he is more of a statist who wants the government to run our lives."

Now here's a way that Rudy can be useful: We'll elect a president who isn't him -- seriously, anyone but him -- and then turn the Yucca Mountain area into a reservation for Paultards to be run by Rudy Giuliani. Because, Craig Hatcher, sometimes the government needs to run the lives of certain people. Like, say, you.

Giuliani nearly drowned out by rival's supporters [AJC]


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