Atlantans Harness Medieval Technology to Promote Literacy, Cheney Presidency

impeach5.jpgOver the weekend, activists in Atlanta took their message To The Streets(TM), using the awesome power of tens of candles to send a clear message to America that something something oh, yeah, maybe impeach the President, something, something. This impressed the Atlanta Progressive News terribly. They'll all remember where they were the day some people arranged some candles! NEVER FORGET!(R)

Numerous cars honked in support this evening. One man walking by stopped to get a closer look.

"What are you trying to spell out?" he asked.

"Impeach," one activist replied.

"Hell yeah," he said back.

One Atlanta resident stopped by to find out more about what was going on. "I drove by and was like that was so cool. It looks amazing from the street," Erin Routson said.

Take a look at the picture. Doesn't that look AMAZING! Well, maybe it would if you lived in a town whose main attraction was a museum to Coca-Cola.


Atlantans Spell IMPEACH with Candles at Intersection [Atlanta Progessive News]


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