AT&T Webcast Censorship Briefly Reminds Underemployed 40-Year-Old Drywall Hangers of Grunge

Grizzly bear motherfucker never goes to sleep  - WonketteDo you remember the "grunge music"? It was a short-lived variant of meathead stadium rawk featuring incoherent wails of discontent, terrible music and a sort of homeless-lumberjack-sasquatch costume. Nobody liked it. Anyway, one of the "grunge sensations" was called "Pearl Jam" which, we think, is some sort of piercing-salon slang for ejaculating on the neck of your "old lady" or something.

So that band apparently still exists and so does the 1992 grunge event called Lollapalooza (really?) and the band played on a "webcast" and AT&T cut out some part where a person in the band said something utterly banal and not even vulgar about George W. Bush and that's enough to get a story in the Chicago Tribune these days, the end.

Band's lyrics cut in Webcast [Chicago Tribune]


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