Attention Job Seekers: Glenn Beck Is Hiring!

Attention Job Seekers: Glenn Beck Is Hiring!

If you want to weather the recession in style, there's no better bet than serving our nation's ever-diminishing population of wingnuts. As more Americans climb aboard B-Rock NObama's Socialism 'n' Poetry Jams Express, frustrated conservatives have flocked to a few of the nation's last reputable wingnut media outlets for soothing words about how right they still are about everything even if "the news" says they're wrong.

This is why Fox News still has awesome ratings, and Newsmax is doing just great, and Glenn Beck, that weeping dough-headed whore, still has a job.

And now you can have a job, too, if you apply! Looky, it's a listing from the popular sexual deviant hookup site "Craigslist":

Full-Time Staff Writer (Midtown)

Reply to:

Date: 2009-05-13, 9:01PM EDT

Mercury Radio Arts is the New York based production company owned by Radio and TV host Glenn Beck.

Mercury seeks a writer for contributions to Glenn’s radio program, magazine, and web site. The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in news, current events, and politics.

Key responsibilities will include contributing original content to and to Glenn’s radio program and magazine. Writing will include a mix of short pieces and long articles, fact-based commentary on the news of the day, etc.


• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Research skills

• At least 2 years of journalism experience

Too bad Obama already outlawed all the conservative publications and think-tanks where a popular commentator might otherwise go looking for support staff, instead of trolling on a common Web site. Is this listing on, too?

Full-Time Staff Writer (Midtown) [New York Craigslist]


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