ATTENTION PLEASE, EVERYONE ON EARTH: Meghan McCain Has Released A Statement About Her Twitter


Meghan McCain really isn't stupid at all!

These are some epic self-marketing skills: post mondo boobie photo -- *with which there was nothing to be embarrassed about* -- to Twitter under the guise of "Oh ha ha I am so lame to be reading instead of going out and partying on this WEDNESDAY night, here is my book, that's why I'm posting this, to show you my book cover," wait for some anonymous jackass to be mean then pounce by self-victimizing and giving yourself 24 hours to make a decision about... Twitter... in the meantime, link everyone to your new column about how you're comfortable with fat jokes but please stop making fat jokes, then release VERY SERIOUS & cryptic triplet of tweets saying oh, I have made decisions, but you'll have to click on my new column tomorrow to find out! And we just lap it all up because who cares, it's funny. It's funny. You're funny Meghan. Not all of us get to be enigmatic all the time but you do and that's why you make the $$$$$$$.

(Also, it looks like daddy yelled at her. But this too could be a ruse, to make us click on something else eventually!)

[Meghan McCain's Twitter]


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