Australia Is a Cool Damn Place

I read the story and expected him to be fatter, honestlyNigel Scullion was recently made the deputy leader of Australia's National Party (the opposition party). To celebrate, the Australian media published accounts of Scullion's wild night out in Russia in 1998, when he was attending a global fishing convention (and before he was ever elected to Parliament).

On the night in question, he stripped down to his skivvies in a strip club and allowed a Russian stripper to handcuff him to what one assumes was not a particularly sanitary pole on stage. Subsequently, a fight broke out and Scullion fled the scene without his clothes. When asked for comment, Scullion replied: ""Two important lessons out of life from that: don't let anyone handcuff you to a post and make sure you always wear clean underwear."

Scullion's other recommendation was, "If you ever get an offer to go drinking with Icelandic whalers and Canadian crab fishermen, take them up on it." If there are any Icelandic whalers or Canadian crab fisherman reading this, Wonkette is interested in doing more research into this story. Our staff can be reached most easily by email.

Australian senator's advice: 'Always wear clean underwear' [Yahoo News Canada]


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