Australian Leader Caught Sniffing Lady Staffer's Chair

The leader of Australia's Liberal party ("the opposition"), Troy Buswell, likes his staffer ladies. First, in late 2005, he "crawled around on his hands and knees in front of a former Liberal staffer before she left the job." Then earlier this year he snapped open another staffer's bra. But hey, you work in the Australian parliament, you know what you're getting into! Yet there is no real excuse for Buswell's coup de grace: sniffing some staffer gal's chair, for its lady scent.

According to a Sunday Times piece over the weekend, Buswell "lifted [the staffer's] chair and started sniffing it after she had sat in it in his parliamentary office," in 2005. Buswell refused to deny these allegations yesterday. And if you refuse to deny SNIFFING A GIRL'S CHAIR FOR HER VAGINA ODOR, then you probably did it.

He held another press conference today and admitted that he had lifted the chair to get a few good whiffs of this staffer's ever-lingering snatch. Of course, he cried like a little baby today because ha ha ha, how completely embarrassing! What a clown! A sniffy sniffy vagina clown!

Tearful Troy Buswell admits behaviour 'unacceptable' [Perth Now]


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