Austrian Hippie Just Wants To Smoke Weed All Day Instead Of Running California

  • Hmm. In late April, Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis said the bank didn't need any more capital, but a new "stress test" says it might need as much as $34 billion. [Bloomberg]
  • Violence broke out in the Taliban-controlled Swat valley of Pakistan, and now civilians are trying to get out of there while militants duke it out with government security forces. [BBC News]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is just not a real Republican at all, with his insane notion that maybe we should start talking about legalizing and taxing marijuana. [Reuters]
  • Health officials who recommended that schools be shut for two weeks if a kid showed a sign of a (pig) sniffle have reversed their decision, much to the chagrin of students everywhere. [Washington Post]
  • Mexicans who got stuck in a Chinese quarantine returned home and were happy to be there instead of hanging out in Guanghzou, doing nothing. [AP]
  • Ford announced it would retool one of its SUV plants to produce jet-powered Ford Focus cars that run on lasers, baby sweat, and dreams. [Wall Street Journal]

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