Awesome First Transgendered Elected Lady And City Councilman Wife Did Awesome Crimes Back When She Was A Man


UPDATED BELOW! Hey, remember the election? Tons of cool stuff happened that we didn't write about because we were busy laughing at WND or whatever, and most of that cool stuff was stuff like LEGAL MARIJUANA and GAY PEOPLE AND BUDDHISTS ALL OVER THE PLACE. There was a hot bi lady, there was a cool transgendered chick. It was all quite rad and a fine day for Kenyan Anti-Imperialist Communist Nazis, it was! But oh dear! The good people of New Hampshire are finding now that the cool transgendered chick they elected to their statehouse, Stacie Marie Laughton, is a total career criminal (because of course she is) who totally DID CRIMES with her then-wife, while they were both frauding everyone, stealing credit cards, gypping (THAT'S RACIST!) cabdrivers, and running to be ward selectmen (whatever that is, we are guessing like a city council?) together. It's kind of sweet, really, if you think about it.

First, Stacie Marie Laughton (she was Barry Charles Jr. back then) and her wife called an ambulance to take them to a hospital closer to their house after a fireworks show because the mean old cops wouldn't take them. Then the doctor was all "Git outta heah you varmints!" (because he is from New Hampshire) and then they called a cab and frauded him out of $4 like "oh we will go inside and get it and be right back" and then shut the door and laughed in his face. Dick move, Clyde and Bonnie.

Then they stole a lady's identity and opened a credit line and bought "electronics" (flat screen TV obvs, maybe a police scanner?) and were ordered to pay $1900 in restitution, out of which $1700 is still outstanding after four years.

The whole time, Barry was running for office, just constantly, from the time he was 21. Then she and her (now-ex) wife actually got on the City Council in Nashua with write-in campaigns, and now Stacie Marie Laughton is in the Lege and everyone is like WAAH RESIGN. Fat chance. That lady has balls. She ain't going nowhere.

UPDATE: Sadly, Laughton has quit.

[LaconiaDailySun, via PoliticalWire / Pic via MetroWeekly, Wonker Elviouslyqueer]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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