Awkward Video Moments Preserved Forever: Barack Obama Pardons a Turkey


[youtube expand=1]

In the days before YouTube, our computers were pretty safe from stuff like this. But, as slaves to audio-visual technology, we must now be exposed to moments best captured by a single photograph -- as in turkey pardons of past presidencies -- and then quickly forgotten. Here, President Obama again shows his cruel elitism, as he "jokes" about wishing he was doing something other than "pardoning a turkey and sending it to Disneyland." Maureen Dowd is going to lose her shit. But what about the YouTube commenters?

  • wake up people, the new world order has hijacked our nation/world..we need to stand up to tyranny and defend freedom and liberty..check out my page to get informed
  • He IS a Hero.

    Wathever happens

    Wathever others say

    Lóóóve this vid!!!

  • Obama should be focusing on the economy and the war instead of playing with turkeys.
  • This is a presidential tradition done every year. Bush did it too after 9/11. Doesn't take much time or thought process....
  • I will think of the NATIVE AMERICAN

    AMERICAN INDIANS. and mourn!


  • Have you ever been attacked by a turkey? I had one jump at my face those fuckers know how to take a man down
  • Its a white turkey, not your traditional bronze/black. Im I right in saying that its traditional in the USA at thanksgiving to pardon a turkey?
  • why are we being drawned into a war. I thought we were to pick our own fights. You can't win a fight that you are being pulled into. Far more of our boys have lost there life then the ememy we fight. At this rate we will never win the war. why do we have the right to defend our country but Irael doesn't? And the president should not put his children on show where is his wife she should be there with the family always by her husband side. I don't think the president is really calling the shot
  • and so the status-quo continues . . .

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