Ayn Rand: As Dead As Ever, And Maybe More Boring Too!


  • Happy 105th birthday, Ayn Rand! If you were still alive, millions of Objectivists wouldn't have to fantasize about having frantic, sweaty intercourse with your dead corpse. [Hit & Run]

  • Matthew turns up the sass! Look at him go! [Matt Yglesias]

  • Take your hot date to the new romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant, his health care, and some poor woman with lupus who is forced to marry Hugh Grant because she needs his health care. [Think Progress]

  • Jonah Goldberg is only 805 Twitter followers away from leveling up to a "Level 14 Twatter." [The Corner]

  • The Super Bowl will feature "ads with scantily clad women and misogynistic men engaged in onscreen sexual perversion and debauchery akin to dogs in heat." Where did Erick learn to write such delicious erotica? [RedState]


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