AZ GOP Gov Candidate Kari Lake Takes Bold Stance Against Curvy Women On 'Sports Illustrated' Covers

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AZ GOP Gov Candidate Kari Lake Takes Bold Stance Against Curvy Women On 'Sports Illustrated' Covers

The Arizona primaries are August 2, and it’s gonna be a long hot summer of crazy for the GOP candidates. FiveThirtyEight rates this year's election for governor as a toss-up. Perhaps that’s because the potential nominee is MAGA kook and Big Lie promoter Kari Lake, who doesn’t shy away from publicly revealing how terrible she is.

Lake was incensed that Sports Illustrated put a model on its cover who is larger than a size zero. She ranted, “To try to act like that’s the epitome of health is just crazy. To tell our boys in school that they can be girls and vice versa ... "

So, last week, Yumi Nu was revealed as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model. Nu is Asian American and curvy. This apparently drove some fools crazy, specifically Jordan Peterson, who tweeted, "Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.” He’d responded to a photo of Nu looking beautiful, which visibly undercut his point. However, no one’s forcing Peterson to find Nu attractive. All so-called “authoritarian tolerance” demands is that people like Peterson recognize that they aren’t the sole arbiters of taste.

It’s not clear why Lake combined her fatphobia with transphobia in some twisted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of bigotry. However, she’s not about to sit back and let curvy women exist in peace.

LAKE: It’s insane and we’re not going to play into it anymore. We’re not going to sit idly by and be quiet, and put our hands on our lap, and follow Miss Manners rules anymore. We’re gonna get out there and do some guerrilla warfare.

This is what Lake seems to think we must stand up against.

The MAGA life is so empty that even this inoffensive cover fuels their grievance fires. Miss Manners hasn’t really commented on swimsuit magazine etiquette, but even if she did, Lake won’t listen. She’s going full-out guerrilla warfare against human decency and basic respect for others.

LAKE: We’re gonna come out and vote. We’re coming out swinging. And we’re gonna save this country. We’re starting here in Arizona because Joe Biden is a nightmare. I’m glad to hear that Elon [Musk]'s not voting for him.

President Joe Biden has nothing to do with Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers. That’s not within his scope of work. Elon Musk is MAGA’s new “it” boy, but his mother, Maye, is actually one of the four cover models. (The others are Kim Kardashian and Ciara.)

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We get it, though: A curvy woman of color doesn’t meet the fascist aesthetic. True art bears the graven image of the mad MAGA king, Donald Trump. Lake announced this weekend on social media that “when” she wins the governor’s race, she’ll hang this ugly-ass portrait of Trump in the executive’s office. She shouldn’t have a problem cramming most items on her domestic agenda into the first 100 days if they are all this pathetic.

Lake is still the frontrunner for the GOP nomination because the party is a fascist dumpster fire. She has vowed to ban critical race theory and the teaching of sex education before fifth grade. If elected governor, she wouldn’t have much sway over who Sports Illustrated puts on its swimsuit covers, but she would take charge of the state’s elections. She might declare Trump the winner of Arizona’s electoral votes in 2024 before the polls even close.

Her campaign is an existential threat to democracy. We miss when we could just dunk on her for being an asshole.

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