AZ Secretary of State Won't Even Bother Verifying Romney's Bogus Birth Certificate


Dignifiedconstituent-servicer Ken Bennett, Arizona's Secretary of State, went through all sorts of unnecessary hoops to "verify" President Obama's birth certificate for a ten-millionth time after Sheriff Joe and Joseph Farah and TWELVE HUNDRED CONSTITUENTS demanded he do so. He takes the oath of office very seriously, folks. So seriously that he promised to run Mitt Romney's birth certificate, which we saw this week and which is clearly bullshit because c'mon, just look at it, through the exact same verification process. But now he's reneging on that pledge that because, uh, Sheriff Joe or some other idiot authority figure hasn't pretended to raise any issues with Romney's certificate yet. Why is Ken Bennett ignoring the calls of Arizonans Arizona-wide to verify Mitt Romney's birth certificate? He must really hate his constituents.

We think Ken Bennett knows that Romney's birth certificate is a fake -- and again, it is, just look at it -- and is doing the work of his party now. This is the most disgraceful thing in American politics since Elizabeth Warren went around saying she was 100% black Mexican:

PHOENIX - Secretary of State Ken Bennett will not verify the birth records of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, at least not now - and possibly not ever - despite an earlier public commitment to do so.

Bennett said Thursday that he has received requests from Arizona residents to perform the same kind of verification through Michigan about Romney's birth certificate as he did through Hawaii for President Obama. And he acknowledged he had agreed to make such a check if he got a request.

But Bennett is now saying he needs something else: an allegation by an Arizona law enforcement agency that there is a question about the veracity of a candidate's claimed birth certificate.

He said that was always a precondition of looking into Romney or anyone else. He just never disclosed it before.

Clearly this can't stand. Just look at that Romney birth certificate, it's bullshit. Look at it. Right? Here is the contact information for the Arizona Secretary of State. He needs to hear from the people about this. He is not taking his responsibilities seriously and should go back to Mexico.

[Arizona Daily Star]


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