AZ Senate: Doctors Can Withhold Info That Might Make Ladies Opt For Abortion


Were you aware that the United Nations declared yesterday some sort of "International Lilith Fair/Diva Cup Festival?" We only realized this when we popped over to the Abortionplex for coffee and a quick D&C and it was closed! Bummer. Oh, well, at least we don't have it as bad as Arizona where, oh why the hell not, legislators are moving to make expectant parenthood a fun and exciting game of Russian roulette!

Allegedly, legions of Arizonans have been filing suit because their doctors intentionally neglected to mention birth defects that the parents say would have made them opt to terminate their pregnancies. You know, medical oopsies for life. The natural response of the Arizona Senate was, unsurprisingly, to approve a measure to just blanket immunize physicians ahead of time, so that they can now pick and choose, with impunity, which devastating potential prenatal complications they would like to tell patients about.

Raw Story reports from today's front in the War on Women:

Republican state Sen. Nancy Barto introduced the measure to protect doctors from so-called “wrongful birth” lawsuits.

Such lawsuits are sometimes filed by parents of children with disabilities who believe that doctors withheld information that could have led to the decision to have an abortion.


Opponents of the bill insist that it’s a solution in search of a problem.

“This malpractice shield is the latest in attacks on a woman’s right to access reliable, unbiased health care information and represents yet another effort by Republican legislators to interfere in doctor-patient relationship,” Care2′s Jessica Pieklo wrote. “But even worse, the law presumes that it is the state’s role to dictate what information a woman should have access to and what information she needs to be ‘protected’ from in accessing routine health care services.”

Say, you a gamblin' man? Yeah? DUDE! Why aren't you out in Arizona right now getting knocked up? Come for the surprise birth of your (maybe??) torso-less child, stay for the blighted electric fence-ringed deathscape! [Raw Story/Arizona Capitol Times ]


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