Baby New Year Brings You Gifts Of Chinese Swine Flu And Credit Card Fees

  • The Newark airport was locked down for six hours on Sunday night because some jackass walked the wrong way through a security exit. [Star-Ledger]
  • Passengers traveling from or through nations listed as "state sponsors of terrorism" will now get the Full Anal Probe at the airport. [Reuters]
  • China experienced what epidemiologists generally refer to as "a buttload" of swine flu cases at the end of last year. [AFP]
  • Will any of the many SWEETHEART DEALS inserted into the Senate health care bill come to benefit you, the citizen? Well, are you a resident of Libby, Montana, sickened by a mineral mine? [New York Times]
  • War-torn Iraq is sure to be even more of a bummer now that the religious nuts are reviving their campaign against booze. [Washington Post]
  • Banks are celebrating the new year with an exciting new round of checking account and credit card fees. [Wall Street Journal]

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