So here is a thing that actually happened Tuesday at a Trump rally in Ashland, Virginia, as tweeted by CBS News reporter Sopan Deb:

In addition to the Vine up there, we bring you video, too, because this may well be the Zapruder Baby:

Shorter Trump: Eh, it's only a baby. Get that fucking baby out of here! What, you thought I'd like a baby crying? Next thing you'll be whipping out your tit and nursing the little shit. God, you people are stupid. VOTE FOR ME!

Also, not that Donald Trump encourages this sort of thing, Deb noted this little moment of Americana:

We also got some followup on the boy's mom from MSNBC's Katie Tur and the Guardian's Ben Jacobs:

It's a beautiful thing to see people who DO get it.

A Trump spokesperson is expected to issue a statement shortly saying that Trump is very popular with the baby-American community, and emphasizing that the candidate did say he loves babies. On Hannity tonight, Trump is expected to demand to see the baby's birth certificate.

UPDATE/BREAKING!!!! A bit more on that nice mom, from the LA Times:

The mother identified herself in a brief interview with a small group of reporters as Pam Kohler of Mount Vernon, Va., but she would not name her son or say how old he is.

β€œHe's a minor so he can't be interviewed,” Kohler said.

β€œI think he has a right to speak what he wants to," she said.

Asked where he learned to speak that way, she answered, "Democratic schools."

The report also notes that the woman and her son were sitting in a front of a "school sign, encouraging good behavior: 'Trustworthy, Respectful, United, Excellent.'" And yelling "Shut the bitch down!"

[Sopan Deb on Twitter via Gawker / Politico on Vine / Update: LA Times]

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