Baby Shark Jesus Forgives You, Harold Brazil


  • This little shark in Virginia was immaculately conceived! How long until Baby Shark Jesus replaces Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket, to Appeal To The Base? [WTOP]
  • Some geniuses are trying to encourage you to drink responsibly, by making you buy six beers when you only want one. [DCist]
  • Hillary Clinton's new email pyramid scheme is called the "Hotliner." It's based out of the Watergate and sounds like it involves sexy eyeliner. [Fishbowl DC]
  • Local states Maryland and Virginia rank 10th and 11th, respectively, on Business Week's list of most terribly mismanaged state budgets. [DC Examiner]
  • A certain formed DC Councilman/Pynchon character named "Harold Brazil" was arrested for assaulting someone who worked at a tattoo parlor. [Washington Post]

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