Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16: Do liberals or conservatives produce fresher vegetables?  [White House Farmers Market, Capitol Harvest at the Ronald Reagan Building]

  • Wednesday, October 21 through Tuesday, October 27: Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon on a stick, bacon-crusted Mahi Mahi, and bacon-stuffed waffles with maple bacon icing. It doesn't get better than this. [Restaurant 3]
  • Drink Up: It's no longer summer, and as nice as fall is, it's no drinking on patios and tanning at the beach. Drown your change of season blues at Science Club: every Monday through Thursday during October, happy hour lasts until 2AM. [Science Club]
  • Brunch: According to the least reputable site on the Internet,, it's gong to rain all weekend long. The only thing to do is indulge in a nice long brunch. Check out Belga cafe for their GOAT CHEESE stuffed waffles. [Belga Cafe]
  • New Food: Taylor Sandwiches is one of the best spots in DC, but its location on H Street makes it accessible to basically no one -- until now! It just opened a new spot in Chinatown. Oh, and don't worry, IHOP is still on its way to Columbia Heights. [Taylor Sandwiches, IHOP]

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