Bachmann Challenger Fights Back With Her Own Army of Jims


[html5_video the Actual Voter.flv]

Your Wonkette has already told you about Congresscreep Meechellle Backmann's brand-new campaign commercial starring "Jim the Election Guy," an android-like EveryBro who talks all dumb-like about Bachmann's challenger, "Taxin' Tarryl" Clark, while standing with his legs wide apart the whole time (it's weird). Now Clark has responded with her own ad, and it's got not just one but three Jims! They're not as young and slick as Jim T.E.G., but they have passion and gravitas and supposedly are even registered to vote in Bachmann's Congressional district. So: If a brawl between Bachmann & Jim and Clark & the Jims took place, which side would win? Answer in the comments. [Tarryl Clark web page]


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