Bachmann Comix Will Feature Sexy Flying Imams, Other Things


The crazed baby-farming,Bush-groping McCarthyite fluorescent light bulb evangelist Michele Bachmann captures the imaginations of liberals and artists alike. How, they wonder, can somebody be so nuts without very publicly nurturing an addiction to high-strength prescription meds?

Bachmann lovers will be able to indulge their obsession with a fancy new comic book, hitting the stands "soon," and it sounds like it's jam-packed with fun stuff:

This is that one that TELLS IT ALL -- it leaves NOTHING TO THE IMAGINATION! It's all there, the global conspiracy to end American freedom, the apocalyptic last days of human kind, the lesbians in the bathroom, the threats, the vengeance, the Bush-kissing, the sordid lies, Satan, Jesus Christ, the flying imams --

Sounds nifty!

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