Bachmann on Fact-finding/Baby-Collecting Mission Overseas

Michele Bachmann, congresswoman, baby-farmer, president-groper, is apparently not groping enough of her constituents these days. An impassioned letter to the St. Cloud Times back in her Minnesota district wonders why she's forsaken them:

Where are you U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann? An increasing number of voices from the 300,000 residents in the 6th District are asking this question!

After her appearance on national television hugging President Bush and commenting on our Iraq foreign policy, she has disappeared from view. The other freshman representative from Minnesota, Tim Walz, has had frequent town meetings and open forums.

Bachmann has voted against many bills proposed in the House that would directly benefit the majority of the 6th District middle class. For example: the Taxpayer Protection Act (4-17-07), Homeland Security Appropriations (6-12-07), and the College Cost Reduction Act (7-11-07).

She has even failed to support the Northstar commuter rail line from the Twin Cities to Big Lake, which is badly needed to help cut down the backed-up traffic.

... This is a very poor voting record for the constituents of the 6th District and we need new representation.

So where is Michele? She is hugging Ehud Olmert. She'll fit right in in Israel!

Keith Ellison is there too, apparently, and we're sure he's getting a very warm reception.

Letter: Rep. Bachmann nowhere to be found in 6th district [St Cloud Times]

Bachmann, other Congress members are in Israel this week [Strib]


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