Bachmann, Other Gargoyles To Throw Terrifying 'Harass Yr Representative' Party, Thursday

Bachmann, Other Gargoyles To Throw Terrifying 'Harass Yr Representative' Party, Thursday

Person for whom there are no more nicknames Michele Bachmann is teaming up with the#1 asshole in Congress, Iowa's Steve King, to throw "a big party" on the National Mall this Thursday against health care reform, the worst idea since 9/11 and, before that, the Holocaust. Also on the "worst guest list you can imagine" guest list are Betsy McCaughey, Jon Voight, and Mark Levin of National Review. As best we can interpret, the "idea" is for wingnuts nationwide to travel to Washington, get loaded on free kegs of cat piss, and then go yell at every member of Congress about freedom and liberty. What a steal!

Following in the spirit of the “tea party” protests in April and the Glenn Beck-inspired 9/12 rally, Bachmann announced, “We’re going to have a 'house call' and a big party out on the National Mall [next week], and we’re going to tell Congress what they can do with their health care bill.”

Fashioning herself as the leader of this mass protest, Bachmann exhorted everyone to “get off the couch, get in your car, get a van together, get a bus together, but get here! We’re going to have a ‘house call’ next week, and we need every American to be here.”

EVERY AMERICAN -- NO EXCUSES. Bunk up with a friend!

According to Bachmann, Michael Jackson only sacrificed himself so that this party might one day exist. Also, buy Mark Levin's book!

The American people realize this is it. Just like that brand new Michael Jackson movie came out, ‘This Is It.’ This is it for freedom. If you believe in liberty, and if you’re rejecting tyranny, this is it. Dr. Mark Levin wrote a seminal book that really swept this country called Liberty and Tyranny. And that’s what this debate is about next week. Liberty and tyranny.


Bachmann Calls For Health Care Protest Rally In DC Next Week: ‘We’re Going To Have A Big Party’ [Think Progress]


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