Back In Black: Liveblogging the GOP Tavis Smiley Debate, Part II

Who will win the $5,000?? - WonketteThe joy continues as Alan Keyes begins to go crazy! Hooray! Also, our original post is here so go catch up and then join the fun in the comments.

* CREATOR GOD, all hail the CREATOR GOD.

* Tavis Smiley is going to cut off Alan's mic.

* Wait, Ray Suarez is black? Juan Williams is black? This is the wonder of radio. Having no idea what radio people look like, I've assumed for all these years that those guys were Latino. Maybe they are!

* Mike Huckabee is totally winning this, isn't he?

* Ron Paul will help black waiters and waitresses! No payroll tax. And again, biggest applause. So Huckabee is saying the right things and it sounds right (on teevee), but Ron Paul is getting the big applause.

* Brownback will build a museum. A MUSEUM, PEOPLE.

* Tancredo blames welfare, and I think he also did the "rising tide lifts all boats" thing.

* Alan Keyes has figured out that government regulations are forcing black men to leave their partners and children.

* Tavis Smiley is eventually going to strangle Alan Keyes to shut him up.

* Ron Paul can't hear.

* But he knows that welfare is the cause of Mexicans coming here to be dishwashers.

* Again, huge applause for Ron Paul. This is the weirdest election season ever.

* The cause of the housing collapse is ... Mexicans? Oh wait, but Duncan Hunter wants white construction workers to get work, and that's why we're going to build a giant wall across the desert.

* Alan Keyes is kind of socialist, isn't he. But my god has anywhere ever sounded whiter saying "black folks"?

* What are the little orange pictures hanging everywhere? Please post the answer in the comments, because I seriously cannot see anything but odd orange blobs.

* Sam Brownback will bring justice to blacks by building a museum. This will help Latinos, too?

* Sam Brownback is now praising himself for spending a night in Angola prison ... and he clearly didn't learn a freakin' thing.

* Jesus will help people not go to prison again.

* Who does Tom Tancredo look like? It's creeping me the fuck out, as it has for a while now.

* Okay, I know who. But I don't want to say it, because it's not even fair to say this about Tom Tancredo. (Feel free to say it in the comments!)

* "The welfare state can be the breadwinner." -- Tom Tancredo

* Duncan Hunter is going to be the guy who will stand up for the racist motherfuckers in Jena, Louisiana.

* Wow, Huckabee's a freakin' peace-and-love liberal, isn't he?

* He's basically calling for huge expansion of drug-addiction treatment to keep people (blacks, out of proportion) out of prison.

* Oh ho ho, Ron Paul just got the biggest whoooooo! of the night with the utterly common-sense End The War On Drugs rant.

* Tom Tancredo is giving D.C. back to Virginia and Maryland.

* Duncan Hunter is finally going to allow guns in D.C. Can you even imagine D.C. with guns. The mind boggles.

* New thread! Here it is (link in a minute).


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