Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Crap


  • Alaskans are furious because Sarah Palin mocked their beloved "Bridge to Nowhere." [Reuters]
  • Tropical Storms Hanna and Ike will ruin the last days of the Republican convention, as a weakened Tropical Storm Gustav tries to go all the way to St. Paul. [National Hurricane Center,]

  • About 250 protesters were arrested Monday -- including AP photographer Matt Rourke and Democracy Now host Amy Goodman -- after "anarchists" wrecked a peaceful anti-war march of 10,000 people in St. Paul. [Times of London]
  • Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson will speak at tonight's RNC session, because Gustav didn't kill everybody so it's back to the GOP program. [CNN]
  • Pro-democracy protests in Bangkok leave one dead, dozens hurt as cops crush revolt. [BBC News]

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