oh i'm gonna fairtax the shit out of you nowIt seems that John Shea, editor of something called The American Reporter and Don Rickles doppelganger, got juuuuust a tetch testy among the press corps surrounding Mike Huckabee at the YouTube debate Wednesday night. He tried to pet teh Huckbeez' Iowa-leading hair or something, but this whippersnapper of a campaign aide kept blocking him. So Shea took the high road and threw the aide to the ground as an awkward Huckbeez looked on. Video, after the jump.

Mike Huckabee literally made this jokeafterwards: "I'm going to send Chuck after him":

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/9zPEmSLOqAk&rel=1&border=0 expand=1]

Shea has responded on his news site thingy with the "what, I barely even touched him" defense, known for its popularity among fat 13-year-olds:

I guess he moved to my left, and I tugged his sleeve sort of abruptly; he went flying into the crowd of photographers and fell onto his back. I couldn't believe he had actually fallen down - he was several inches taller than me, and an awful lot younger.

Mike Huckabee plans to send Shea to Mars with Hillary Clinton, where they both may... die.

Reporter KOs Huckabee Aide [Soup Cans]


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