Badasses Elizabeth Warren And Elijah Cummings Give Joe Scarborough A Talking-To

What have we here? Oh, just another plan from two of Wonkette's most favorite legislators, Bestest Senator Ever Elizabeth Warren and Inaugural Legislative Badass award winner Rep. Elijah Cummings, to save the middle class from the Republican plan to destroy it, with a new thing they are calling the Middle Class Prosperity Project.

Why would a couple of progressive legislators give two sevenths of a damn about the middle class getting its prosperity on? Here, let them explain that to you in their own words:

Under President Obama, the country has been digging out of the Great Recession. We've made great strides based on policies that Democrats have championed. But we must do more. [...]

After the Great Depression, Congress enacted progressive policies to build and expand the middle class. But Washington became captive to powerful interests that game the system at the expense of the middle class.

It's time to change that system. We must free our government from the grip of armies of lobbyists and the corruption of corporate influence.

The two hero Democrats from the for-reals Democratic wing of the Democratic Party also appeared on "Morning Joe" Tuesday to further explain why they think investing in stuff like "schools" (ugh) and "infrastructure like roads and bridges, power grids and communication networks" (gross) and "medical and scientific research" (no, not that!) are actually good for the economy and America, and not actually the final leap into anti-American Marxist Kenyan SAUL ALINKSY socialist blah blah whatever scary words Fox News is throwing around this week.

Sen. Warren started by smacking the Republican Party in that lovable schoolmarm way of hers:

In the United States Senate, the Republicans are now in charge, and what have they spent their time on? First, they wanted to spend weeks on a pipeline that would principally benefit some foreign oil company, and now they want to spend a month on shutting down homeland security, at a time when we face terrorist threats. So what we’re trying to do is get some focus on what’s happening to America’s working people, what’s happening to the middle class, and to remind people: middle class is in trouble because of deliberate policy choices made in Washington. That means we can make changes here in Washington, and that’s what we want to draw some attention to, and that’s what we want to focus on.

Having yelled at all the Republicans in Congress, because it is a day, Senator Warren went on to explain what we can do, like, say, take government out of profit out of student loans. Did you know, asks the good senator, that after its bad-loan losses and administrative costs, the government made $66 billion in profits from just a five-year cohort of students? Does it really make sense, asks the senator, to charge those students up the pooper so that millionaires can have tax cuts?

Hint: no.

Naturally, the two current members of Congress were welcomed with all the respect you'd expect from the LIBERAL MEDIA show hosted by a former Republican congressman and his blonde sidekick on Fox, er, MSNBC, who felt it was totally appropriate to call them "Elizabeth" and "Elijah."

We happen to have Sen. Barbara Boxer right here, and she offered this comment:

Thank you, Senator.

Wear Elizabeth Warren's balls on your chest. Ladies, and men.

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