Bank of America Exec Whispers To Rick Perry: 'We'll Help You Out' (VIDEO)


Criminal mortgage-fraud syndicate Bank of America announced today that it's laying off another 10,000 workers. Also, BofA has been caught employing a military contractor to conduct "cyber war" against business journalists reporting on Bank of America's constant crimes. What else has BofA been up to, other than having a 50% plunge in stock value this year that is destroying the pension funds and 401ks of millions of relatively innocent Americans? Here's some BofA douche (is that a toupee?) whispering tenderly to Texan corporate clown Rick Perry. What's he promising?

All this guy says is that he's a Bank of America executive, and "we'll help you out." Maybe if Rick Perry becomes president, he can do the same kind of corporate crony handout of millions/billions in taxpayer dollars to giant, needy corporations that he's done as governor of Texas?! And maybe Rick Perry would do more of this than Obama and Bush? Because how much has BofA already sucked out of America in the TARP I and TARP II schemes? $45 billion? $100 billion? It is hard to keep track of such confusing numbers!

The important thing is that BofA executives aren't getting enough billions, in bonuses and corporate jets and smooth Puerto Rican houseboys. Rick Perry to the rescue! (Also, idiot BofA executives: Those big cameras and boom microphones that say "CSPAN"? Those make talky pictures go to the teevees on the YouTubes.)


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