Bank Of America On The Mend While Pope Languishes

  • Suicide bombers attacked two luxury hotels in Jakarta, killing at least eight people. [Washington Post]
  • President Obama delivered a speech to the NAACP that was one part "I stand on the shoulders of giants" and one part Cosby-esque "black folks got to stop spending so much money on fancy sneakers." [AP]
  • Bank of America made less money in Q2 of this year than in Q2 of last year, but of course at this point last year the economy hadn't exploded yet. [Bloomberg]
  • Pray for the wrist of the Pope, for it was fractured in an Italian vacation chalet. [New York Times]
  • Ayatollah Rafsanjani, one of the less dickish of the Iranian clerics, called for the release of political prisoners arrested in the post-election demonstrations. [CNN]
  • Sotomayor's pretty much guaranteed confirmation in early August. [Wall Street Journal]

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