'Banned Book Week' Is Wingnut Cue To Panic Over Gay Penguin Sex

'Banned Book Week' Is Wingnut Cue To Panic Over Gay Penguin Sex

It is "Banned Books Week," which for the uninitiated is a transparently lame code name for the annual barrage of homosexual propaganda orchestrated by the secret cabal of American librarians for the purposes of introducing unsuspecting third graders into the "gay lifestyle" of literacy and free speech. This is true! The freedom fighters at WorldNetDailynoticed that the American Library Association' list of the ten most frequently banned books this year is once again topped by a popular 2005 children's book about the true story of a family of gay penguins, which, you know, what more proof do you need? None. Libraries make kids gay. Case closed.

From the screamers at WorldNetDaily, who all just turned a little more "gay penguin" just from having to write this article:

The American Library Association this week is conducting its annual promotion of a "gay"-friendly agenda to school children across the nation through its highly publicized "Banned Book Week."

Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries.org told WND he believes the ALA's list of books "is intentionally and deceptively false and is being used to promote a political agenda."

Linda Harvey of MissionAmerica.org, who monitors homosexual activism aimed at the youth culture, has called "Banned Book Week" a "smokescreen of hypocrisy."

"It's that special time each year when some in the library profession point an accusing finger at parents, especially Christians or conservatives, who might dare to question the value or appropriateness of certain materials available to youth," she has concluded.

Haha, God made gay zoo animals just to confuse these weirdos and make them fearful of children's books. [WND.com]


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