Barack Obama Also Sending Secret Code To Blacks

Barack Obama Also Sending Secret Code To Blacks

That Barack Obama, so articulate and clean and Harvard-y ....yet, did you know he was of African descent? This sort of slipped by during that whole two-year presidential campaign, but "OWN THE IDIOT CABLE-NEWS CYCLE" webzine The Politico has some "fresh" gossip and it goes a little bit like this: The Black People, in this country, it's almost as if they have their own "slang," comprised of dual-meaning words and phrases used to undermine White America. And Obama, he is hep to this particular jive!

You know what will be a fun thing to report, on a political blog? When The Politico is closed down and folded into Gawker like every other website. Meanwhile, we shall maintain our boycott by linking to the latter instead of the former. (We still link to Ben Smith, though!)

While we wait for the Economy to mete out its horrific justice, enjoy this "inside peek" at whatever the fuck Obama is up to with all the "we straight" and basketball and "South side of Chicago," which is just a lyric in a very white Jim Croce song, right? RIGHT?

It's a good thing The Politico made its only African-American reporter do this article, for authenticity. In case you missed this historic civil-rights advance, "Nia-Malika Henderson, a Newsday reporter and one of the few black print journalists who covered Sen. Barack Obama on the campaign trail, is joining Politico, the political newspaper and Web site that promised to improve its staffing diversity after its sole African American reporter left last month to write a book."

Barack Obama's Secret Black Person Code Language Revealed [Gawker]


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