Barack Obama Blames The Dresden Firebombings On Global Warming


  • Jonah Goldberg, the fellow who harnessed the powers of alchemy to transmutate his vomit into a New York Times best-seller, is -- surprise surprise -- a flaming Trekkie. [The Corner]

  • Nazi sympathizer Barack Obama wants to visit Dresden, the capital of East Germany. Fine. But he better not say anything about that time we melted Dresden with giant fireballs from the sky, because we're not sorry and we'd, like, totally do it again. [Power Line]

  • Some lady on the Internet has concluded, "Aspirations for a career, independence, and individuality are in competition with a female's deep and permanent biological makeup." The National Organization for Women now will present Congress with a revised Equal Rights Amendment protecting every young wife's biological right to a Valium prescription. [Right Wing News]

  • A certain Burger King in Tennessee knows a thing or two about Global Warming: namely that it is a sack of crap conjured up by the Elders of Zion. [AMERICAblog]

  • Speaking at the National Press Club, Bullshitter Dick Cheney opened with an aggressive 9/11 Gambit, at which point black should have played the Logic Defense. Acutely aware of his tactically superior position, Cheney was able to move his pawn up to the eighth rank, where he exchanged it for "THE IRAQ WAR SAVED LIVES." Checkmate. 1-0. [Think Progress]


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