Barack Obama Bravely Fights Back Against John McCain With Quotes


Oooh, Barack Obama put out a TUFF ad today calling John McCain's terrible lies "dishonorable." This is a code word designed to set off sensors in John McCain's brain and make him lose his Legendary Temper, because he cares so much about honor that he finds it dishonorable to be asked to define it. The point is, this ad, like pretty much every Obama ad we've seen, is lame.

Now granted, your average Educated Elite Wonkette reader is not the demographic that Barack Obama needs to go after, and maybe independent voters in swing states will be very impressed with Barack Obama's tough and macho ability to rustle up a few quotes from various news outlets. The next thing you know the ever-helpful Democratic Party will start a Web page cataloging all of John McCain's awful lies, so that swing voters will be impressed with their ability to compile other things, too! Jesus Christ, Democrats! Showing that you are a "fighter" does not mean showing that you can collect quotes.

"Honor" ad via TPM Election Central

Count the Lies [McCainPedia]


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